Air Conditioning Inspections

In response to the EPBD; as of the 1st January, 2008 all new air conditioning installations must be inspected.

The primary aim of the legislation is to inform building owners and managers of the condition of the building cooling system and identify opportunities to save energy and cut costs.

Each inspection will examine the refrigeration and air movement equipment that make up the complete systems, including their controls. It will also examine any documentation that helps to understand the systems, or indicate the extent to which the systems have been maintained. the insepctor is also required to estimate whether the system is suitably sized for the cooling loads in the treated spaces, and to provide advice on ways in which the performance of the system might be improved.

Air conditioning systems are broken into two types:

Simple Systems

These are also known as level one systems and comprise of the smaller installations, typically known as split systems or multi split systems. If you operate a simple system of any size you are likely to be required under law to obtain an inspection before January 1st 2011. Whilst not complicated systems, even small improvements can lead to high energy and carbon savings.

Complex Systems

Complex Systems, (sometimes referred to as Level Two systems) describe all the other tyoed of installations that may include chillers, dry air coolers, fan coils units VAV terminals to name a few. If you operate a complex system your inspection is required without delay or you could face a financial penalty.