Replacement / Upgrade

  • Assess Energy Performance
  • Establish which HCFC refrigerants are being used in what equipment
  • Provide clear reporting
  • Provide information on other options for R22 and HCFC Phase Out
  • Discuss practical schedules and timescales for replacement

Since the Regulations for Ozone Depleting Substances came into effect, HCFCs have been banned in most new equipment since 2001 and this will necessitate the replacement of some equipment that contains banned refrigerants.

It will be illegal to use Virgin HCFC’s after 31st December 2009 for the maintenance and servicing of new equipment.
Wholesalers will be running down stocks during 2009.

A complete ban will be in place by 1st January 2015.

Some of the HCFC’s and blends covered are R22, R123, R124, R141b, R401A/B/C, R402A/B, R403A/B, R406A, R408A, R409A/B,R411B.

Further sources of information www.acrib.org.uk