Service & Maintenance

For correct performance and user comfort a service routine is essential, and for most systems an annual leak check is required under the F gas regulations.

A fully qualified engineer can attend at a time to suit your business.

A service routine is devised to suit the customer location, ensuring that the refrigerant gas system is not showing signs of any leakage which reduces performance, ensure that the dust on the filter does not build up to create unpleasant smells and a lack of airflow which reduces performance. Training and support in correct and economical use of the system is provided.

This routine is normally between one and four visits per year. The engineer will take readings, clean the unit both inside and outside the building, clean all condensate drains (where smells can build up), fascias and filters.

A service will allow you to anticipate faults that may be developing on the system and enable you to act before complete breakdown.

All service contracts include the agreed number of visits and also includes access to the 24 hour breakdown cover, where a Technician will attend and aim to repair the air conditioning on the spot. If parts are required, a priority quotation is provided.

Call out and repair time is charged according to the agreed rates set up in the contract.

Call 01689 891616 now for a quotation and further information specific to your business and system.





”It is often the case that we only comment on things that go wrong, I am a firm believer when a good working relationship is achieved – which I am sure you will agree is as much to do with the engineers than anything else, it is important to pass on our appreciation”