User Guide to Operating your Air Con

  • Make sure that you have instructions to hand for operating your controller
  • Ask the Barrier Engineer to demonstrate the operation to the occupants of the office and any new staff if appropriate
  • Look up your timers and fan speeds and know how to use them
  • Set the temperature to about 22 degrees and leave the unit to reach the required temperature
  • Avoid setting the temperature too low or too high if you are in a hurry to get cool or warm. This wastes energy and does not create a comfortable environment
  • Set the system to come on before you arrive so that is is already comfortable in the room
  • Close your doors and windows, not only does it waste energy if you are trying to cool or heat the whole of your street, it does no good to the equipment and can create ice to build up
  • Air is pulled into the unit to be cooled or heated and returned to your environment. The filters therefore collect dust and pollution from your environment and they should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that the air flow is not obstructed and for good office hygeine practices. Barrier will advise you on the most appropriate routines for your personal environment and arrange for this to take place