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Barrier Air Conditioning has been supplying, installing and servicing air conditioning equipment for businesses across London & the South East since 1983.

We are your perfect partner for comfort of your staff, customers and reliable protection of your information technology. All day and all night, every single day of the year.

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Environmental Update

Global Warming Potential of Refrigerants 

F-Gas Regulations require that only certified Personnel may handle refrigerants, all our engineers are F-Gas Qualified, and the company also holds F-Gas Certification.

In addition to F Gas, Barrier are also members of the REFCOM Elite voluntary scheme which exceed the minimum legal requirements of REFCOM.

The F Gas Regulations aim to reduce the emission of fluorinated gases that contribute to climate change. These regulations were introduced by the European Union in 2015 and have since been implemented in various countries worldwide. The regulations place restrictions on the use and handling of fluorinated gases in various industries, such as refrigeration, air conditioning, and fire protection. The main objective of the F Gas Regulations are to encourage the use of more environmentally friendly alternatives and to limit the release of these harmful gases into the atmosphere. Companies that use or handle fluorinated gases must comply with the regulations and implement measures to reduce their emissions, such as regular leak testing and record-keeping. The F Gas Regulations are an important step in combating climate change and preserving the environment for future generations.

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